About Trevor Edwards

Studio Arte presents an afternoon of dance with Trevor Edwards and Meghen McKinley, from Western Kentucky University.

Trevor Edwards, Junior Dance Major from WKU, will be presenting his FUSE Grant by showcasing choreography created through the process of choreographic storytelling to preserve the methodology of post modern pioneer, Anna Halprin. Edwards will also be presenting a question forum concerning his project and what it’s like to be a college Dance major. Light refreshments will be served.
Sunday, 5 de Febrero 2017
346 Main Ave. 3rd floor
Norwalk, CT 06850
Time: 4PM

A little bit about the dancer..

I move to inspire. I move to heal. But more importantly, I move to educate others on what moves me in hope that they will begin their own movement—whether this be mental or a physical.

My choreographic process begins with the realization that dance is an understood language for communicating among all humans regardless of race, age, or even disability. I create in a way that uses this language to promote activism, create change, and reinforce the importance of love— now more than ever. I find my passion in creating work that holds a purpose beyond providing pure entertainment, but rather challenges my audience to think, learn, and react.

To expand, I prefer to create work without the label of a specific style, although I am inspired most often by post-modern movement. My movement most often can be centered on three general concepts: Gestures, repetition, and basis of intent. These words often arrive in my mind first when beginning a work. With gesture I am able to generate specificity within understanding. This is the articulation of my thoughts and feelings in a condensed, easily recognized statement. Repetition allows my work to be interpreted, misinterpreted, and reinterpreted. This tool acts as a constant reminder of what I am trying to convey to my audience. Finally, I convey my message through the basis of intent. It is first, and foremost, the most important part of creating for me. Without an intent, a work has no purpose. Without purpose, you have done no work.

 -Trevor Edwards