How well do we understand the arts?

by Jennifer Wiesner
Originally published by Latin Colors Magazine, on August 2015

When we talk about art, we are touching on a subject that I’m passionate about because I’ve lived it. I could write page after page about it, but, to highlight what’s most relevant I’ll focus on the following.

Art the highest manifestation of human activity, an essential component to our development. It’s been scientifically proven that being exposed to the fine arts from an early age inflicts a great deal of sensitivity on a person, which in turn, will develop a solid set of ethical standards as that person enters adulthood. That sensitivity is what lifts our spirit and helps us to discover new aspects about ourselves despite dogmatic beliefs and a broader view on life.

Music, for instance, helps with concentration. As we listen to music, our minds drift away on the subconscious and it enables us to focus within ourselves. It also enables us to strengthen our hearing and this, in turn, make us more perceptive.

Literature develops our analytical thinking skills, our vocabulary becomes more extensive and fluent, our ideas become easier to bring across with greater clarity.

Drawing and painting reflect the process of selecting elements that can be incorporated with a new meaning.

The theater allows us to nurture our creativity, both individually and within a group, it stimulates interaction with others through the dramatic interplay which in turns leads to building self esteem and confidence.

Dance promotes teamwork, and in consequence, it raises awareness on important values like solidarity, respect for diversity, tolerance and enhances our value over our own identity.

The important question is: If the arts are so beneficial for our children, why is it that we don’t give it the importance it deserves?

In current times, on which the media like TV and technology have tremendous influence over people, and especially our children, we allow them to consume content that lacks a positive effect; this prevents them to live an active lifestyle and stimulate their intellect as they become accustomed to perceive message and not to think or release their energy.

It is of critical importance that parents become better informed about the important role of arts and culture in the lives of our children. That way, we can experiment what each artistic expression can bring forward on to their lives; if parents would be more supportive with the arts, their children would earn the tools to achieve greater assertion and confidence to execute any artistic endeavor.

So don’t delay it! Introduce your child to any artistic activity, I can assure you that you will not regret it!

Jennifer Wiesner, is a professional ballet instructor with more than 20 years of experience combined between her native Ecuador and the U.S. She’s currently the director of her own arts academy, Studio Arte, located in Norwalk CT. To learn more, visit or call (203) 663-1414